Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Is holiday today, and I'm freaking dam relax because I worked like a dog yesterday and I have one day off just to compensate.

Will be a shopping day today for Chinese New Year clothes. I'm worried that I couldn't find anything I like. Trying to be reasonable with price. Just think about Chinese New Year is a big occasion and most of the price shoot up like rocket. Just couldn't spend so much this year.

Anyway, going to shop and post whatever I bought today, hope I bought something.

By the way, just bought some books recently (2 books) and it costs only RM8 (normal price:RM34) per book, is really very cheap I must say.

Ps: I couldn't upload the photo and I don't know why!

The storyline was really good for the first book which is Lucy in the sky

And this is another book I bought, and I don't really read yet.

Well, this is it...

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