Sunday, January 12, 2014

Something that happened and I'm happy


Felt so sorry for not updating this in such a long time. Had been really busy on my work as well as personal life. Lol! I'm kinda worried these days because CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING SOON! And sad case I don't have the time to shop for clothes. Oh no! Crazily busy these days... Hope can end soon..probably two weeks after? 

Anyway, I was quite happy today coz I finally got my new phone back here. Will do a review on this in next post. 

Had the same phone case and phone with sis and we called the couple phone hahaha!!!!

 Trying to be funny while selfie with sis. Turned out pretty dam funny coz sis don't even bother!

Yeap! It's the phone that I love. Pink case and I super love the case coz it is just like a card holder...

Well I'm super tired now, might come back often from last year hahahaha

Good luck!

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