Friday, September 14, 2012

It's all organic!!!

Happy Friday everyone!
I've not really update this blog for 6 months due to my practical training in KL, and I know the only entry i post is very emotional. Just leave it and i seriously promise I will update often.

See! I really mean. The education trip to the GK organic farm was four months ago, and yet to update due to thhe internet connection is bad right in KL house. Sorry!
I went Organic Farm somewhere in Bangi with my cousins. It was my cousins' kindergarden school trip, and the only people I miss was the children there. They were so cute when come to speaking, however, they need privacy, so no photo will be provided. Too bad!
A pretty small hut at the corner, and it was super sunny day that day.
An organice flower all around the place. It was so nice to see white flower all around the place.
An organic bananas served by the person in-charge.Why oragnic food always so damn small? It is small than my palm.
It looks cute and tastes super sweet. Spotted my cousins' friends.
The person in-charge is giving a preliminary knowledge for all of us, and obviously nobody is bothering. We were so busy capturing photo and play around with these kids. Spot another cute little friends (blue and pink rubber band), both of them are super cute coz they are super talkative.

He is talking about the schedule of our journey to his organice farm. There are various activities during the day such as education walk in the farm with bare foot and digging sweet potatoes in the farm and etc.
Get ready to explore the organic farm behind the little hut.

The entry of the organic farm, and it was disappointed coz this is not what I expected previously.

The "fashion" hat from them

I'm the "fashion icon" of the month. MUAHAHA..Just kidding. I purposely wear in order to look like I'm the farmer in this farm, and I love it.

After "dress up" with the hat, it's time for the education journey in the organice farm.
The pretty purple flower around the farm, and it looks just like lavender. Many beautiful flower is around the organic farm such as:-

Pretty yellow chrysanthemum. It is edible, and their school principal tasted.
The purple lotus, and it is almost close up.

Then, we went to Misai Kucing farm, it looks so nice.
White misai kucing, and the reason it is known as misai kucing because it looks like the cat whiskers. So cute and healthy! This misai kucing is useful to heal various sickness such as diabetics, cholesterol, antioxidant and ect.
The edible leave of misai kuching, we don't eat the cat whiskers flower, but the leave. It tastes very bitter, and I thrown out after that.

Cat whriskers is all around the farm, the person was so kind to ask to pick up some herb for personal consumption, but who dares to do it, coz we don't even what herb is that.

The sweet corn which everyone is waiting for it, but sadly no sweet corn is available during that day as the sweet corn is not ready for eating. Too bad.
The peppermine herb. It tastes like peppermine toothpaste. They used this as flu and cough remedies, and they had made a medicine for sale. According to my aunty, it is quite useful to heal cough anf flu.
Did I said they don't provide sweet corn? yes? This is fresh from the trees, and according to the person, it is not as nice as what it really is. This is the premature sweet corn in the farm, and it already tasted suer sweet and juicy.

The origin of organic farm, and this contain only dry grass and paper. Accoring to the educator, it is unneccesary to water the organic fertiliser coz it might affect the quality of the ferliser as well as the smell of the fertiliser.

Honestly, it doesn't have any smell around the place, and dragonfly is the most important source in making a quality fertiliser.
>>>> Fast forward>>>

After six months, the fertiliser is ready for used. More dragonfly will be gather here.
Roselle tree
It is used to make Ribena, and my aunty did once, it tastes uber nice.
According to wikipedia, it is a species of Hibiscus, and useful to heal hypertension and urinary tract infections.

Next was the digging of sweet potatoes activities, and this was really FUN!
The big sweet potatoes which i'd picked up at one of the corner.

Everyone so happy to dig including ME! I was busy capturing photo as well as digging potatoes.
It is similar to treasure hunting where you need to find a right place for the right sweet potatoes!
And we found one!! My cousin and I were digging and and digging in order to get the big sweet potatoes. Both of us was so struggle to dig this part of sweet potatoes, but...

 Unfortunately, some old man came and snatched our treasure T_____T

Our hardwork will be pay off someday!
This has shown that I've done a hardwork during the 30 minutes, and get only one sweet potatoes after that. I'm bad in treasure hunt, and I'm too embarrassed by myself. 
We have paid off for our hardship on digging. and they rewarded us the cold organic sugar cane from their farm.
It is super sweet and cold.

Their special homemade Alkaline drink 

They have served us their special homemade alkaline drink for us.  I couldn't describe the taste of it, it has familiar taste yet I couldn't describe. Blame my taste bug!

A full set of organic food. A tasty organic mee hom, roasted sweet potatoes, mix vegetabke salad (the best), papaya jelly and walnut cake.  I love their salad the most, it slightly sour.
We may purchse some od their organic food at their outlet, but I didn't for sure.
They pay off our hardship immediately before we went home. It was a huge bag of sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes leave. Cousin's popo had steamed for us to eat, it was os sweet!
Camwhore in the bus with my hardwork!

I felt so happy after a long education journey in GK

PS: There is another station to teddy bear ceramic house, and I'll update to making of my teddy bear house that day. It was really nice one I must say, stay tuned.

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