Saturday, June 23, 2012

My worst day ever

Yo, today is my worst day ever due to TGI Friday!!!!

Yes! JAM was what I meant. There will be jam everywhere in KL and Selangor. I was wondering why jam everywhere until my senior remind me of Thank God Is Friday, and I was freaking in bad mood after that.

I reached home around 9.30pm, and after I've done all my after-home-daily routine, it is time for me to SLEEP. I NEED TIME TO HANG OUT WITH MY COUSINS!!!!! It is so miserable. How on earth the jam come from?? Why there is a jam on FRIDAY? *sigh*

Let's think of something that make me happy...


Something that make me laugh. Reason? Let's see the right end side of the picture, and do you notice that the toy has lack of one leg? Yes! This is what my sis bought from thailand, LOW QUALITY souvenir from her. If you love to buy souvenir, you may know that this has appeared in many country such as our lovely Malaysia- Penang!!! I bought one for her when I travel to Penang last year with tomodachi. It is similar except the words =.=lll

Another happy moment in one of the weekend (June)
 The panorama shot in Restism cafe, and all of the girls was so happy so act cute. Oklah, I admited that I'm acting cute in this picture! MUAHAHA...

PS: Jennifer has a blur picture.

When we were happily capturing, those guys are so annoying. They were do whatever matter to make the photo failed such as using all sort weapon to destroy the "beautiful" picture. T___T

PSS: No example of those photo as Viki wouldn't let them to realise.
 The best shot of the day except Shin and Jennifer has a blur face here.

This consider the Best out of the Best shot throughout the 30 minute of struggle, pushing, shouting, pulling, banging... in Restism, we finally got the BEST OUT OF THE BEST!!

We wouldn't even take a best JLS photo..oh wait! I think there is one!

Found it
The self -caption JLS photo in Restism! And we have change the sequence, instead of JLS, we make SLJ!! What a stupid mistake! I like it in either way..

Another photo of us in "KOREA" (Daiso)!!

PS: Jennifer did the editing thingy.

I'm so freaking miss Melaka now, and probably they were having their Thai food gathering few hour before, and I'm in the middle of JAM! Y NOT FAIR???

Alright! I've finally done a proper (with picture) blog post.

PS: Tomorrow gonna celebrate Father's day with my aunty family, quite nervous as I'm not quite close with their relatives except my cousin and their grandparents. =(

Lydia XOXO

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