Saturday, June 9, 2012

It has been ONE month

I finally pass my MICPA-ICAA Tax module!
I've been worried about my result since the day AFTER exam, and it been ONE month. It was like phew I FINALLY PASS, AND I'M SO HAPPY!!

I'll start another module next week, and this mean I can't go home for like TWO WEEKS!!! I'll miss Melaka so much, and the point is Ting is coming back when the classes going on. Oh gosh! How can I meet her right now? We didn't meet each other since April, and it has been 2 months.

I've not telling anyone that I'm taking MICPA-ICCA since the day I get that offer (oklah! I did told some of my friends, I means best friends, the rest nope!), so now I'm telling you guys lah since I passed one paper (only). I'm very happy when some of my colleagues who is taking this module actually told me that all of us has pass the exam.

And I guess the firm also feel proud of us, as one of them actually get winner prize for this module. HAPPY DAY NEVER END! And I hope I can pass the another paper in September.

Hope so lah.

Alright! I've no been updating again, and I know I've promise to post the organic farm photo since last 2 week, end up doing ..

I'm not going to post anything first. Be patient!

I don't feel like to update anything with picture, coz it slow down my internet connection, plus my mood gone down whenever I need to blog something with picture. Sorry!

This is the third month I work as a vacation trainee in the firm, and I felt happy to be, coz I met lots of good friend especially when come to lunch. Yesterday was my last day in office (I'll be in client's place for one month), and this mean no lunch with them for ONE MONTH!! How sad is that, because the moment when come to lunch, they will like asking you where to eat, hang around, laughing non-stop, talk crap and also gossip in skype (this is what i've done last two days). But that the end of my life when I went to client's place. I'll been missing them so much.

Oh! This has remind me something when I'm back in KL yesterday, the LRT around my firm out of railway track, and the security guard told us that this might be delayed until tomorrow (which mean TODAY), and I got to line up and get my refund. In the meantime someone just fighting in front of me (and I was just standing right infront of them!!!!), they will like fighting for money, Guy A (I think is a guy, but his dressing like a girl, know lah) shouting for police, and GUY B was like snatching something from him. And GUY A was like police, ada orang nak snatch duit saya (someone is snatching my money, police), tolong tolong (help, help!). Then I saw an Indian girl asking her friend not to refund any money and go, but her friend insists to get back the refund. A police came and settled the things as soon as possible. It was scary because they will like fighting and snatching and shouting!!! I was so worry about how am I going to bus station to meet Kenneth, and this incident just happened infront of me!!!

A kind lady save me, and bring me to KTM to bus station. I was so relief after I get in to the train, but another case happened! While the train stopped at KL Central, a huge crowd was there, and they were pushing, pulling and even knocking me in middle of going in he train, and I just look like a HAM (in the middle of them), and I heard some crack sound appeared from my bag (I’ve a laptop, camera and MP4 in my bag), and I was so shock coz I was thinking which of my gadget got crack and how should I check right now in this train which packed with hundreds of people?? And I quickly pull my bag infront and hold it like my baby! I was really really shock. The moment I get out from the train, (I thought it was end of story) I got another shock, coz we actually need to line up (like 2 floors) to the gadget, and get out from KTM, that was pack with people! And I was safe at last!!!

I quickly bought two tickets and changed my clothes before I checked all my stuff inside my bag! I felt so lucky, coz the crack thingy wasn't my gadget, it was a box which used to protect my MP4! Thank God, nothing has crack or spoil anyway.

And I've believe that whenever something bad happened to you, there is another good thing happened in the same time. This is to balance our life. I always think, and it did happened to me yesterday! I was so happy when the lady brings me to KTM, and it was not far awhile from the LRT station!! Thank!

Well, i think i write long enough, so end here and story next time!

PS: Hope our trip will be a success one.

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