Friday, July 6, 2012

Tick Tok Tick Tok

I'm staring at the working paper for long hours, and no solution has been done. TIME! Tick Tok Tick Tok... It just like rocket speeding at 17000 miles per hour, and it never stop forever. NEVER STOP! I just hope that Earth will stop spinning, tree stop growing, sun stop rising, and I stop growing.

When I’m young, I’ll think of growing up faster, sleep alone in the room, stay alone in a house, and even leave my house as soon as possible. After I’ve grown up, I started to appreciate every moment being with family, sleep in a small room together, chit-chat from morning until night, hanging around in the bed, looking at those photo we took when we were young, playing around in the night, laughing, crying..
Family is the best shelter is my life.

Whenever there is something urgent, parents will be the first to save us, and they gave lots of love to us, and we don’t appreciate sometimes. I didn’t appreciate last time, and I started to regret after I’ve been here for four months. Working life is the worst, but work hard, play hard, and enjoys more whenever you are working in those firms.

Many of senior resigned, and those are working with me planned to resign as well. I was worried that I can’t manage with this job for 4 years, whenever I looked at those senior who stuck their head on the table, I’m so lucky that I’m just a trainee who know nothing, and I felt bad after I ruined some of the job that senior assigned to me. I told my mom regarding to this matter, and she “save” me by encouraging and giving more supports. This is what family meant to be- life saver, save you whenever you are having problems.
Working life need more sacrifice. Being an OL, you need to sacrifice you time to your work instead of hanging around with friend and family. Sacrificing you times mean you need to stay back late in order to finish up your job, and staying at office is the worst moment ever, because you are in a dangerous position where robbery will occur.

Work hard, play hard, enjoy more…

This is what every working lady needs to know. And I just hope that I can manage this situation, and don’t disappoint all of them.


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