Sunday, May 20, 2012

One more week to organic farm


One more week to organic farm. I was counting every single day after my exam, and one more week to go. I'm here in Malacca enjoying my cozy bed and food, and i'd just went to meet up with Jennifer at Taman Botanika. We really have a lot of fun talk at there, and we realised that it is a good place for us to talk and gossip (for sure).

I'd enjoy my day looking at the laptop, photo, replying comment as well as sharing some  thought in Facebook. Yes! I shared many stupid thought (not a real thought, it is just like what I'd done today).

*pause* I heard my mom noisy sleeping sound, but I felt so warm coz it's been so long i didn't sleep with her. I think mom really miss me so much, because she came to my room yesterday just to "accompany" me, and i felt so happy.

I'll always choose to sleep with her instead of sleeping alone in a dark room, and this is the point why mom always like to sleep with me. We both always sleep together since I'm 14 years old, and never end until now. Oklah, this might be weird for you, and you might think I'm mommy girl. yes! I AM! I love to be mommy girl where I can sleep with my mom every single day. Even when I stayed with my uncle in KL, I felt weird that no one is sleeping beside me, and I was sleeping with my aunty for few days just to adjust myself in a good situation. Feel weird??

I don't like to be alone.
I hate to shop alone, breakfast alone, lunch alone, and even dinner alone. For me, that was the most pity moment for life. I don't want to be ALONE for my eating time, it spoilt my appetite for some reason, so i rather buy a piece of bread, and eat it in the middle of walking back home or office.

I told this to one of my friend, and the moment he heard about this, he was like HUH? I rather be ALONE, FOREVER ALONE!! I was like WHAT? You love to be alone because you have too many gathering ok?

Seriously, people who always hang out with friends, they need some kind of "lonely" space for them to relax and rest for a few hours. But this is not my case!! I'm not an outgoing person (for close friend yes, but not-so-close-friend emmmm...), so I don't need any "lonely" space or moment anymore, and that is why I hate to be alone.


my point is sleeping with mom doesn't mean I'm mommy girl or whatever it called! I love to lie down on the bed with my mom, and talkabout our old childhood stories, and my sis and bro love it too. We usually spent some time with her (when all of us came back to Malacca, and so coincidentally everyone is in the room with my parents), and many childhood memories came back to us again and again, non-stop, and we used to mention that we are very independence compared to others (when we were young), we take care each other, fight together, play together....... those childhood memories is the best for three of us. I love to be mommy girl for that moment, everything seem so good!

Anyway, I'm out of point.

I supposed to mention about my schedule for organic farm, but it seems like I freaking out of point. WHATEVER! I don't care!! MUAHAHA..

I'll soon update about my trip organic farm, and I promise will update frequently instead of one month once (or even half year once TEEHEE!!)

PS: I'm wondering.....I just wondering is it normal for a friend to be your special (you know what I meant) friend?? I was just wondering....
PSS: *owhuuaaa* My mom accidentally pulled my hair, and it is so pain =(
PSSS: *cold* My mom pulled my blanket, and I felt so cold.

Lydia =)

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