Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 21st birthday party!

I’ve waited for so long to post this entry like N-weeks, but due to examination, assignment and presentation, I tend to forget about it, and never continue the writing at here. Sorry peeps! And I’ve been so freaking busy for like 10 week NON-STOP, and there is still one examination waiting for me to settle. So, this would be a photo blog post to ease you from reading!

So, before 2012, I should publish this and end my 2011 blog post.

My birthday party was on the 10 of December, and as you people knew that ma birthday was on the 17th, that is just an earlier celebration because my parents were going to China on my birthday T____T

First, this party has been sponsored and prepared by my sis, and I really appreciate her effort on setting up the venue, decorating with balloon (with my family because I was having exam that day) in my house and serving some of her friends who have attended the party.

Ballon in pink and white. I love it so much, and the colour is so cute
My family were so great to help to decorate, thank to my always ♥ family members!
I was telling my cousin behind regarding to the camwhore skill, and he told me that the photo will be so damn ugly if we camwhore with a DSLR, so I tried!!! The outcome was NOT THAT BAD ok?

And he was like wow! your head so freaking BIG!! Nice meh? *heart broken*

The party started around 7.30pm, and most of my friends were still on their way to attend my party =___=
(I was worried that time, because not much people are able to attend the other day)

The kids of the day.
The both kids behind (the little girl and boy) was my neighbour kids, and both of them was so cute. They don't even scare the bully gang!!
Yes! My party was a buffer style, and we ordered the catering from 海洋 (Hai Yang). The food was not quite bad. However, I was not satisfied on their fried longan prawn, and it is kind of weird combination.
My neighbour as well as my sis's friend- Chin. He is a the most shy guy I ever met.
The bully gang and Jennifer.
They were the first one to reach my house, and they planned something ridiculous on me! T____T

PS: Scroll down and you will know it!!
My cousin, and he was the one I always played with when I was young. And we always went back home together when we were in primary 1.
Its getting hard to meet all of them together nowadays, because we were in different course, and most of them felt like they are out of our topic.

PS: We still in one piece, and you guys may join us as much as possible, and don't feel left out from us (the accounting gang), we are still PM1516!!
Again! Sis's girl friends and the shy guy!
The cutest cousins! Their angry face were so cute
They both were so shy that day, and I felt so bad to reject them when they were asking for accompany. Sorry Jun Jie and Jun Shen!
My uncle and aunty. Surprisingly, my uncle came to my birthday party. He did not attend any family gathering (except Chinese New Year gathering) before, but with the power of invitation card, he came!! Cute uncle!!
Mad cute loh!!
3rd uncle and aunty. They were parents of Jun Jie and Jun Shen! Love them much.
Yes! The person with a peace sign is Jun Jie too! MUAHAHA...

SEE! Jun Jie is a good model. When I looked at this photo, I was so shock that he pose in this way! MUAHAHA...
Mad cute! ♥

Beware that both photo below will be damn FUNNY!
PM1516 Hair fighting pose!
Bully gang hungry ghost pose! =D
PS: Shin was the one who out of topic! *evil laugh*
My Birthday cake sponsored by my mom!! It is an American Chocolate cake with a key shape
Everyone was so excited to see my cake especially both of my little cousins. And when I show them my cake, they was like wow! Lydia jie jie, is a key shape cake!! They were mad cute LOH!

I was so happy with my cake
Ma happy family with my 21st cake, and I'm the last one to get the KEY!
And START! Singing Happy Birthday to me! Thank everyone ♥
Wang was high up there busy recording the video, and I was dancing (not knowing he will record) =___=lll

Make wishes!
I hope.... *shhhhh*

Cutting my previous cake!

And before the singing session, the bully gang had warned me to be careful on them, coz they will push my head into the cake! I was so damn worried, and you know what they did?

They insist me to take out the candle from my precious key-like cake. And my aunty was worried that the cake will be destroy by them. Relax! They would not ruin my cake in front of my phew!!

I had successfully took out the candle with my mouth!!!

And if you think that the end, you are probably not a creative person, BECAUSE....

They had planned something else!

After all the birthday "procedure" had been done, I heard happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you from the bully gang, and one word pop out from my mind was OMG! I'm gonna get it tonight!

Yes! A creamy moutain "cake" which made of just CREAM!
They brought this to my house, and kept it in my refrigerator with my mom permission (yet my mom doesn't know what is going on). They were singing and recording happily with this super creamy cake!

I was so damn worried, but I know I can't get out from this since they had planned

I've no choice!!
And get my face on to the cream, and 6 of them just POP! Yes! Included my sis bf =___=

Just a few seconds, my face turn into a cream cake, and the the first thing I thought of was the cream is so freaking sweet! Yucky! And I was happily playing the cream with my cousins, and they were so damn scare of me. *evil laugh*

I'm a bad big sister!!!
Then they gave me 7 packets of ang pau with precious words!!

I was trying to do the matching, and after i've done it....

I realise the line was super funny!
which mean that get marry and get baby soon.


They are so creative, i must say!!

I went to wash my face later on, and suddenly everyone was shouting outside, and I was curious...

That's the late comer arrival, and they were way to exaggerated as if a superstar is coming over to my house! =____=

Late comer of the day Andrew.
Everyone was so excited to see him =_______=

Aunty and sis were busy distributing the cake to others.
PS: The cake was way too sweet, too bad!

Last but not least...
Thank you for everyone who come to my birthday party, and the gifts as well..

Special thank to my sis who planned, sponsored and decorated the place. PS: She was so sick that day, yet she was so sweet to decorate the place, thank you ♥

PS: 3 more days to 2012, I hope my wish will come true! Aza! Aza! Fighting~

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