Friday, September 9, 2011

Smurfs here Smurfs there!

“Lalalalalala~ Sing a happy song…”
“Lalalalalala~ Smurfs the whole day long…”

Everyone is soooo addicted to the Smurfs included ME of coz.
Oh my Smurfs, I finally got to try Happy Meal (my very first time), I’m so excited, and I get a SMURF!!!

 Gutsy Dancer!

Ting bought Happy Meal as well (In case you are wondering why there is 2 sets of Happy Meal). We bought it because WE LOVE SMURFS!!! We were so excited to took out them, and captured millions photo of them, Papa Potion and Gutsy Dancer!!

 What The Smurfs! Gutsy is trying to promote Happy Meal burger! Mad Smurfs!

And Papa is pouring smurfs' potion in the chilli! Beware!

While we were smurfs here and there, the person sit besides laughed at us, and she was my coursemate. OH MY SMURFS! I'm so paiseh (embarass)!!!! But I still ignore her, and continue to play with smurfs happily.
 Well, Jennifer and Viki didn't buy Happy Meal because they are way to hungry. Too bad! They didn't get any smurfs today. *wee*

After smurfs Happy Meal, they went for THE SMURFS movie, and concluded that it was a nice movie. I should watch it someday.

Next smurfs date is..
 we went Little Taiwan to have some "tea"! I was damn regret to order this chocolate snow ice. Oh smurfs, it is digusting!!

The smurfs group photo!

This is what girls like to do in smurfs toilet! MUAHAHA...

PS: I bet you are getting annoy by smurfs now!

Before the smurfy day begin, we (the good students) went to school for class, and we brought a "new" student to our class today!
 Is smurfs TING!! Oh, did I said it is before smurfy day?? So I should said Ting! She went to our class for some live show which only us (the Tomo) know what is that! *secrect can't be reveal here*

And yes!
This new student is so hardworking, she brought her spanish dictionary for ethics class! =.="


"Lalalalala~ sing a happy song"
"Lalalalala~ smurfs the whole day long"

Good ending?? I bet not! MUAHAHA...

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