Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hello I am back!


I am back on track, I hope!

I have been busy lately with working and some personal emotional.
I have a thought that there is a limit being friend, even a good friend. There is a line between each other, even we are the best friend, sometimes line are just there.

I would say I will be there whenever you need it even currently we are not as close as what we are last time. Things changed, situation changed even people are changing, but friendship will never end just like this, I believe.

As I said, you need to know what is the line between both of you whenever all these situation changed, but somehow I can't! I felt left out for a moment, when I said for a moment mean literally days and months. I felt kinda weird that I am being left out in this situation and because I am too sensitive, I couldn't stop thinking. I am letting it goes now, like real. However, I just want to say that we are still friend but not as close as like time anymore, barrier created!

I always create barrier with people, I don't get close with someone else real fast, and I will make sure I am super close with them once I let the wall down! But, I started to create the wall again, why? I thought I can get rid of this wall thing but I can't. Is that emotional? I don't think so. I just realised that barrier really exist!

Maybe as what you said I am narrow-minded, but things happened and I couldn't absorb fast enough to every situation, I am sorry! Just I am pretty sure that we won't be as close as what we are last time. Letting it goes is the best way I guess!

Life isn't just like this, there are more to explore.

Life isn't the way we always expect, we must go on in every situation.

Life goes on....

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