Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dayre officially say goodbye to us

Hello everyone!

I guess I'm gonna come back to blogspot to express my everything from now on. I used to blog alot of thing here but when dayre was there I somehow shift my daily sadness to there. A platform whereby I express alot of my personal feeling, work stress and etc. Besides, I always thought that this not gonna end so soon. Oh well, I'm wrong! Dayre gonna close soon!


Apparently it said the cost is more than what they earned so they decided to close this platform. I'm sad! I used to read alot there (or I should said stalk hahahaha) and now NO MORE!


Anyway I thanks dayre for having us able to express our feeling as well as sharing alot of thing at once.

I'm now gonna declare that I'm back blogging here yo! Hope I can do it as frequent as possible.

Signed off!

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