Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year New Me

Hello everyone!

Probably no one reading this but anyway the title has say it out. New Year New Me!

I had resigned from my previous job 5 months ago and I'm feeling motivated to go Singapore.

I was half way giving up on this dream but somehow someone had motivated me to go on with it. Speaking of motivation, I guess that's the reason why I feel I'm gonna go and start a life there. I wasn't that keen to go after too high expectation from my family and etc., but the om suddenly hit me badly after my friend decided to resign from the firm. Hence, I started my "journey" of applying Singapore's job 3 days before new year, and surprisingly I got call from them last two days. Thank GOD! I felt blessed!

Everything happened for a reason is what I always tell myself. If my friend never thought of resigning and planning to go Singapore, I guess I won't be that motivated to do it again.

I truly thanks to my friend that motivated me! (My mom was truly laugh out loud when I got the call and I know I had made a great decision)

And finger crossed that the company accept me and my friend. I believe in Laws of attraction!!

We always make fun of Laws of attraction aka LOA but it really works. From the day I receive that call I felt an om to continue waiting for good news! And surprisingly the call came after my friend told me he got a call from them. Lolololol!

I guess LOA really works!

I'm so blessing! And believe it or not, my some other friends already book me for being a housemate eventhough I'm still yet to go through interview. This is how blissful I felt whenever others still think of me no matter how far away I am.

Although I had resigned from the company but I still contacting some of them and honestly I felt I am so lucky to have such friend that I can reach out no matter how sad or happy I am. I always had a feeling that all these people could be my life time friend and I hope they will be.

I feel blessed I have wonderful people around me no matter how hard life can be. Just imagine that there is always someone you can reach and seek help from when you really need help. Everything!

They might jokingly tell you that you are annoying but somehow I don't feel paiseh (embarrass) to seek help from them. This is what true friend would do I guess! I heart them from the bottom of my heart! Serious!

Life can be as happy and freely as a bird! And friend can be as sticky as glue and yet you wouldn't feel annoy at all.

#people that you can talk with


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