Thursday, January 18, 2018

A BRAND new life begin

Hello I'm here again!

What I'd done for the whole year was quite meaningful and travel makes me comfortable to life again.

Speaking of new life, imma going to Singapore soon.. Like in one more week. I wasn't sure is this the right choice but I always believed everything happened for a reason. There must be some kind of reason I got a chance to work there and meet all my friends again.  I wished I could really meet all my friend back in KL and Melaka again!

Some of my other friend once told me that colleagues will not be your friend forever and you MUST be careful of everything you said and I believed it until I met Daphne (my first trusted friend in the firm) in one of our job. I wasn't that kind of girl that will say hi to anyone that I'm not familiar with, but this freaking girl just say hi to me and she was the first hotelmate of mine. Since then we chit chat ALOT! She is the one that taught all of us the laws of attraction and us, the sampated people will always tease on the effect of LOA! Imma gonna meet her soon in other land! *excited*

Besides, I still believe everything happened for a reason. Without that particular engagement of mine, I wouldn't make so much close friends in the firm. When I said close friends, I meant it! Like real close friend that still contact each other every single stupid days.. either sad or happy.. we shared alot of moment together. I treasured every moment we hang out, talk and etc! Cherish every moment and I always told them that just imagine if we are not in that particular job together last year, we wouldn't be so close to each other and couldn't share every moment together happily. I guess this is how we are being put together in that job! Believe in faith!

Just remembered how tough life could be when we were doing our works, boss were barking, clients rushing at us and some idiots throwing us to some deep sea, but we still alive in our way! Family mart, llao llao and ramen is our happiness! When I'm in sad mood, ramen will be our dinner and llao llao or family mart would be our dessert! The moment was the greatest!

I wished we could go back to that particular moment and no works please! Lolololol

Happiness or sadness? We should cherish every moment in life!

Wish me luck in my next every moment and wish that I could meet all of them in Singapore Soon! <3<3<3<3


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