Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm home!!

Dear all,


I'm so happy that after one month of training in KL, I'm having a "great" 3 weeks off from work, and this might not be a relax (kind of) 3 three weeks for me, because I need to STUDY everyday for exam.

However, I still happy that I can go back my home, and having my own bed!

You guys might be confuse about what I've done last month, but no big deal, I'm just having my vacation traning in one firm located in KL, and have met some good people out there.

I've met two lovely girls at there, but we were freaking no fate to meet each other after the firm training, I'm kind of miss that week we were joking and talking around in the training room. They are in the same group with me when we were having an orientation training. It was fun that we need to create a name that represented ourselves, and without any further thinking, i named myself as tranformer! We are the movie kaki! (You might not know what I'm talking about, but it is really a great week for me)

Alright, regarding the work i've done this few weeks was not quite bad as what my cousin and friends told me before I enter it. I'm quite grateful that I'm having a great senior that lead me to work everyday. I do not work late everyday, and my senior was quite good that he will continue his job, and ask me to go home earlier.. So good right?
So i'm so lucky!!

I'll have 3 weeks from now on, and i should use it wisely without fail. I should study now, but no mood for me to continue my study since this is the first day i came back Melaka. I miss my home and family, so should get one day off without book, and enjoy the day with my family, correct?

Well, I'll continue tomorrow. BYE!

your lovely Lydia *shy*

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