Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second post of the year!

I hereby announced I’m alive in blogging again!!! I’m totally neglected my blog a few months, and yet I do not have the urge to update anymore due to my work load. I’ve been working real hard for my exam, and now I’m working hard for another paper of mine. I do not know whether this is the right choice for taking up another paper, but I will try my best to do it as much as I can.

Well, i was super exhausted this few months, and I will be even more exhausted for the following months, so no blog update will be available for like six months, sorry peeps! I’m gonna go for classes this Sunday at Sunway college, *I need some rest, so I end my blog* and a lot more on April. I will be not-so-busy on May, but practical training will on still. *pray for less work load for the coming months*

Oh shoot! It’s raining right now when I’m writing this line, it freaking surprising. I love cold weather, it make me felt good. Oh yes, today I went to meet my super absent-minded supervisor. Why I said so? It is because the moment I went to meet him, he was like ok, let’s see your result…bla …bla…, then I was wondering why on earth he want to know my result for practical training? Is it strict? I was totally lost! Furthermore, he was so excited to “interview”, he asked lots of funny question which is unrelated to practical training… at the end, he asked to say something, and then I was like erm… may I ask about the weekly report for practical training. At this point, he was shock!!! He wasted my time for advising me (because he is my advisor too), and yet I’m asking about practical training things. WHAT A FUNNY DAY!

PS: Poor shin waiting for me for like 45min.

Overall, my supervisor was quite nice guy, and he guided me a lot, I felt relief of having him as my supervisor, because I no need to post my weekly report to him. Thank god (coz some of mine friend needed to post their weekly report to their supervisor!) good one!

Today is the day I supposed to go Penang too, but due the work load I choose to be home settle all my things, and Shin suggested me to stay at home too, she was a good listener to me. When I’ve tons of problems, she will be the first choice for me to release all my stress. I’ve been so stress when I’m still do not know whether taking an additional certificate is the right choice not, but after she consoled me, and told me that I should think of my future rather than current situation, my mood turned good, and I was not as stress as few days before. All thank to Shin!! Alright, back to Penang, as I mentioned I supposed to go Penang with Jennifer, Viki and bully gang today, it was booked last year, and all of a sudden I was super busy this time, so no Penang for me!

PS: I'll be meeting my uncle who came back from Australia today. *happy*

PSS: I went Jusco yesterday, and bought some stuff for practical training. SO HAPPY!

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