Thursday, February 23, 2012

The only photo I have for CNY!

This is the only photo I've for my CNY!

Alright, I lie again.

I've quite a lot of photo for Chinese New Year, but... I mean BUT I'm freaking lazy to transfer all my photo to my laptop, and resize it... *lazy bump*
 The small mandarin orange from my uncle.
This has a funny story behind too. When we wanted to eat this little madarin orange, my sis was freaking crazy, coz she stopped us from touching all the madarin orange for purpose of taking a good photo. But then, my aunty was way too fast, she took the mandarin orange, and start to peel the skin and eat it, by the time my sis wanted to snap it, she already finish peeling the skin, so this is the outcome of the photo (spot my aunty right hand)

Then we bought this sparkly, and all of us gone to crazy, we suggested to "yam sheng" after pouring all the drink into a cup. This is how my family gone crazy when come to yam sheng!!!

My family are the craziest people on earth, no matter how old is them, they were do crazy things with us (my sis and I ) MUAHAHA... We made them do it no matter how!!

PS: Met my girl friends yesterday, and it's been so long we didn't meet each other. So miss those days we are in foundation, 3 years back... emm....


  1. remember the first time that i (the half chinese) visit this blog was the chinese new year last time. :D anyway please enjoy!