Saturday, May 30, 2009

enjoyable life

Today is an enjoyable day for me…
The ways of this life are so enjoyable, no worries and fun…
We had many fun things as usual
Such as captured photo with jumping post, funny post and so on…
I like this kind of life
It is so relax........
We went four round to enjoy our tea
Oh that’s so cool!!
I have never tried before…
1st at MMU corner
2nd at Dataran’s field
3rd at jetty
4th at some way near Kota Laksama!!
Fun right?

Lets us think about last few weeks
We are struggling for our final exam and monthly exam!
That time I really feel that I am out of normal life
It is so stressful and feels nervous all the time…
I have never contact my friends at that exam weeks
I am totally in exam fever!!
But now!
After we had finish our exam, we are free for everything
Free for stressful life, free for note and free for exam fever!!
My happy life has begun and stressful life had ended!!
Totally RELAX now….

I am going to continue drama-ing…
Good night!! :)

P/s: I am going to KL tomorrow…happy!!! I can’t wait to go to KL by my mom car!! This is the first time she wanted to drive there…

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