Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Randomness of Lydia: C'est La Vie!

Still remembered I'm boarding to Taiwan two weeks ago, and not forgetting that momi and sis just came back from Perth by the time. 

Missing those days are not helping I would say, Monday is approaching and I'm not feeling of working. Why weekend always so short!

Again, c'est la vie. Got so into France culture today as I'm reading a books, titled I heart Paris. The monuments, Eiffel Tower, open top bus... All kind of Paris things hit into my mind, how I wish to travel again!

And because of the haze, I felt rather defeated. It reminds my days in Taiwan, fresh air, cooling weather (those two days) and friendly people (OK, irrelevant).

Speaking of haze, why it took so long for the haze to actually goes away. Freaking annoyed every morning with the terrible hazy smell and blur vision. And often I doubted my own vision for the sake of haze, I'm confused on whether my vision is getting bad or the haze that caused of it.

Came back Malacca for weekend again and had this Arnotts biscuit that sis bought from Perth, Australia. I am so in love with it, finished almost 3/4 all by myself, and I am serious please!

Gonna ask bro to buy some when he is coming back Malaysia. Oh yeah, bro went Australia for work since July (half month after Ting), and he seems quite enjoying the culture and weather there. Good for him! On the other hand, he is quite naggy, kept asking me to join his foot step to work in Australia. Omg! How am I supposed to forgone everything here and join him? Sigh!

Taiwan's postman is the most efficient postman in the world ( I mean among the countries that I had travelled, not all lah), spent less than two weeks to receive all the postcards from Taiwan and approximately 3 weeks from Perth, Australia.

Credit to sis for her big kiss on the postcard. Freaking funny, big lips she has!

Then so coincidentally my cousin from Subang came back Malacca too. We had like fourth round of food marathon on Saturday, can you imagine how big is our tummy now? 3-months fake pregnant woman I mean!!!!

Third round from 11am. First round was at aunt's house and second was vegetarian food from Bukit Beruang, Malacca.

Sent this picture to the family group chat, and requested them to guess what food is this but ended up I'm the one talking to myself. 😓

Anyway, this is snow ice from ice town.

This was like the fourth aka last round of our food marathon before they headed back to Subang.

I was surprised they still wanted to go home after 10pm, and reached at around 12am. 😓😓😓😓😓😓

This is what I'm saying, I Heart Paris. The book that makes my travel mood on again. And what I love about this book is because the main character was a blogger writing for a famous fashion magazine in New York. The storyline makes me wanna continue to read. Nevertheless, I still on my way reading and probably won't be able to read until next Sunday night due to my online assessment again 😔😔😔

For some reason I felt down whenever come to online assessment(OS), had the first OS on 5th days in Taiwan and now war again soon! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Pray hard.

As what I said, boring life of mine, dinner cooked from momi. Healthy BBQ chicken with salads, tomotoes and cucumber.

Spending the whole day finishing my travel notebook, and really satisfied what I had done. Pretty done good!

And that's is my 2014 Christmas present from tomo5achi, Jen. I'm using it for Taiwan trip and more to come.

By the way, this is the postman from Taiwan, handsome right? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

They had lotsa post office box all over Taiwan, and seems like they really damn efficient on collecting the postcard we sent out.

Anyway, it's time for me sleep, and I will try to blog more about Taiwan soon after.

Au revoir!

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