Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! 

It's Christmas day! 

I uploaded the photo two days ago, and decided to hold on for more picture on Christmas day yo!!

So, Christmas Eve ain't #foreveralone, coz colleagues planned to have a nice Christmas Eve lunch that day. 

We went MorganField for Ribs and this blossom onion!! How they do it?

Asian spicy Ribs and one more garlie something ribs. Can't really remember what their name is. Lol!

My senior bought this bouquet of roses for his girlfriend at The Big, Publika. It's RM150!!!!!!!!!!


It was really a nice luncheon with them though we are no longer working together anymore.

Then, I had dinner with the kaki again at Nu Sentral, the newly open shopping mall at KL sentral!

The decoration was awesome, and I love the ball things, soooo niccceeeee!

Jane and I were waiting for En Ting to fetch us at Nu Sentral, and three of us had tea time while waiting Ting to arrive! She was late that day...

After few discussion (I basically do nothing and wait for their suggestions hahahahaha), we decided to go KLCC for dinner. Hungry man!

We went to a shop that has long name (don't bother to memorise coz we are too hungry, and is too long to memorise as well), and I ordered their chicken sandwich. The rest ordered something not-really-delicious.

Selfie with Ting with KLCC tower aka #twocorns. I insist on taking picture of the two corns before they finish their food. Lol! So excited to have selfie with the two corns!!

It's going to rain soon that day, and now I'm sick! T____T

The giant Christmas tree they had in Suria KLCC.

#nofilter #takenbynexus5 #goodcamera lol!!!

The three girls having fun with two corns!

Went Cosans after all this crazy pictures, and met up with Cody and his girlfriend.

I was so excited because his girlfriend has Sony alpha 5000 and is in white! Omg! That's was my dream camera, and the video is nice. #imgonnagetnomatterhow and momi was like nah! Please lah, don't know when you will buy it, always the same thing! 

Don't like that, I'll buy it someday. Coz I'm confuse with two dream can, gopro and Sony!

Oh ya! Missed out this and yup wefie with the tree.. Is so huge!!

The day gone damn fast, and we didn't go for countdown at all. Just chill in Cosans and have some chat with them, sound so old. Like what En Ting said we already feel old coz we don't go for countdown anymore. 

We like chill instead of crowded places. So old!!! O____O

I came back home sweet home on Christmas day, and I felt so happy coz even the FM has nice Christmas song.

Listen lots a Christmas song while driving back to Melaka, y so nice?

Something even more surprise was...

Our Christmas tree has lighting already, and is in blue! Omgggg!!!!

Can't believe momi actually bought the lighting beforehand. So nice awwww!!!

Chilling in the house with Christmas tree is the best, and my uncles and aunties decided to come back on Saturday night (which is today), and we had the funniest gift exchange of all!

By the way, Bee and I went for Hobbit the night on Christmas day!

The Hobbit is nice but one thing I don't understand is y the king will die and the dragon die too fast!!!! 


Anyway, wish you all have a Merry Christmas though I'm late here! 

I really had the most blissful Christmas ever this year with friends and families!!!!

PS: went to meet up with the girls and baby Jameson yesterday, and imma gonna blog about soon! I can't resist the cuteness of Mr. Jameson, y u so cute?

PS: gonna blog about the family Christmas dinner as well. Stay tuned hahahahaha!!!

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